Because its sisterhood and not a competition!

I know this video has been making the rounds on social media lately and I am slightly late to chime in…but I do feel the need to comment on this.

The video I am talking of is the “perfect body” video posted by Cassey Ho, a personal trainer, on youtube showing her photoshopping her body in realtime in response to comments about her body.

This video is really powerful and it highlights one of the reasons I wanted to start my blog and my #fitnesssummer.

Fitness should be a positive, self affirming part of your life! It should make you feel great, not forever feel like you are not good enough.

I want to be comfortable in my own skin, healthy, and happy. Not super skinny and beautiful on somebody else’s terms!

This blog is meant to be somewhere that I can record and detail my fitness experience and hopefully inspire other people as well. As a society we are very critical, and often held to impossible standards, but thats not what this blog is about. I am not entering in to this challenge with a goal of ‘size 0’, by the end of it I want to be stronger, fitter, and having found new ways to enjoy exercise now and in the years to come!



Let the Games Begin!

So the final edit of my dissertation is due on Tuesday, which means its go time!

Just to make sure I start off with a bang, I have just found out that my Dad has entered me into the duo marathon du Mont Saint-Micheal!


(don’t worry i’m not running the whole thing!)

You run as a pair with the one person taking the first leg of the marathon, and then the second running to the finish!….still long enough for me I think!

Hence I am starting the challenge a few days in advance…I need to get a leg up on preparation as the run is in about two weeks! ….thank goodness I kept running throughout the revision period is all I can say…though this will be a little longer than my usual 5k!

I haven’t really got a lot of experience of such long distance running, but i was throwing in a few 10km runs every other week before revision so I am looking forward to the challenge!

The details:

Date of race: 31st May 2015

Prep time: just over two weeks

Length I will be running: 20km

The plan:

Today: 7km…ok it was only 6.89 but that just happened to be the perimeter of the park!


Sunday: 10km (perimeter of Hyde Park + Green Park)

Monday: gentle 3km

Wednesday: 5km

Friday: 12km

Saturday: gentle 3km

Monday: 14km

Wednesday: gentle 3km

Thursday: 16km (so almost 20km!)

Friday: Sail to France!

I will keep you updated on the process…wish me luck!

Frances xx


Prep time…

IMG_1879 Processed with MoldivIMG_1880


As I might have mentioned before, I am revising for my exams at the moment (I apologise for continually talking about them, they are just on my mind!)

When I was revising for my exams last year I ate copious amounts of biscuits, and did not exercise for about a month! So predictably when the ordeal was over, I felt awful!

This year things are different; I have had a good workout routine going throughout the term and I just adjusted it to fit my revision schedule. As a result, I am in better shape than ever and I am raring to get on with these exams! It is amazing how exercising your body can help with your studies as well. People keep telling me that its becuase its gives your brain time to consolidate the information that you are learning. Whilst I am sure there is some truth to this, I think the real reason it works so well, for me at least, is that it makes me happy! When you are happy you are more willing to learn and you learn quicker!…If only I had figured this out in my first year…

So over the last month or so I have been running 5k on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and then completing these 30 day challenges when I get back home!

I have to admit it has been slightly upsetting as when I started university I could run 5k in 20 minutes…now I am happy when i do it in under 25! But the times are slowly getting faster as I get more miles under my feet, I just need to keep going!

The 30 day challenges though, have been brilliant! They have given me a goal to focus on, ensured that I am working a variety of muscle groups, and the exercises have got a little bit harder each day…I am actually starting to see my abs now!

Alongside the workouts I have also been thinking about my eating plan, but I will be the first one to admit that it is far from perfect! I have been trying to cut down on carbs in the evening, and I make all of our meals from scratch so there is no junk in them. But one thing I can’t give up at the moment is chocolate…it is what is getting me through the stress of finals! (as well as tea, i drink A LOT of tea, but thats not bad for you right?!)

Despite my slight chocolate addiction, I think this prep has put me in a really good place going into the summer, but I guess the real test will come when I get stuck in to my challenge!

P.s. This time they are my pictures!

The start of my summer bucket list!


In order to get ready for the summer ahead of me, I have assembled a bit of a ‘bucket list’ of things to try!

I fully intend to add and amend this list as I go on, this is just to get me off the starting blocks!

  1. Cheerleading!– I mentioned this one in my original post, but it definitely sits in the top spot of things I want to try! I have pretty much wanted to be a cheerleader since watching ‘Bring it on!’ and have been researching ‘cheer classes near me’ since I arrived in London, so I am finally going to take the plunge and go!
  2. Colour Run– Whenever I see pictures from these events I am jealous I wasn’t there, so this summer I am rounding up a group of friends and we are gonna run until we are covered from head to toe in paint!
  3. Rock Climbing– I used to love rock climbing as a kid with my Dad so I think its definitely time to give it another go
  4. Kayaking– My Dad lives on a channel island and so there are limited options for entertainment, so whenever I visit I love to go kayaking, and I can’t wait to paddle out again this summer! (Even if the water is always freezing!)
  5. Surfing– I have to admit this is another movie inspired choice, my best friend and I used to love the movie ‘Blue Crush’ and we would always say we were going to learn to surf every time we watched it (and we watched it a lot!) so I think this summer is the perfect opportunity to make good on this particular promise!
  6. Tennis– Tennis is a sport that I have always enjoyed but never really wanted to play competitively…but lets see if that changes if i get a bit better!
  7. Water Skiing– There has been some talk in my friendship group of a trip to the South of France at the end of the holiday and whilst it is by no means a set plan, if it does go ahead I will definitely be signing myself up to water ski! (same as skiing on snow right…?!)
  8. Sweaty Betty Fitness Classes– Sweaty Betty is a British brand that makes high end women’s fitness clothes (their stuff is amazing, but sadly very expensive!) but they also run evening classes in their shops for members, which luckily I am! The classes range from boxing yoga to ballet so they promise to be a brilliant way to rack up new fitness experiences…and did I mention that they are free!
  9. 30 day fitness challenges– I am loving these at the moment! I usually do a couple simultaneously so that I can work out more muscle groups, and I find that they are a great way of making sure my work out gets steadily more taxing rather than letting myself get too comfortable! Also there is just something very satisfying about finishing them!

So that’s what I have lined up at the moment but I’m sure it will change over the next couple of months!

Frances xx

P.s I know I said I can’t start this challenge until after my exams (which I have promised myself I won’t!) but the planning process is proving to be an excellent form of procrastination!


P.p.s. I don’t own the pictures featured above

The challenge..



As this is my first blog I thought I should introduce myself: I am a 20 something woman, living in London, just about at the end of my undergraduate degree and so I have one last school length summer holiday before I enter the corporate world of work…and I plan to make the most of it!

I have set myself a challenge for this summer; to do something active everyday and to try to have as many new fitness experiences as possible! I have already lined up a cheerleading class to try, I have a found a tennis club, rock climbing is definitely on the cards, kayaking as well, and I might even try golf!

I am already quite an active person, I workout three to four times a week, and I try to walk everywhere I can. However my fitness routine at the moment consists of running, core exercises, and lots of squats! Whilst I do enjoy my routine, I am looking for something a little more exciting for this summer to keep me interested, and hopefully to discover a couple of activities that I can keep up with when I become a career girl!

I have decided to document my summer on this blog in order to give myself that extra bit of motivation to keep it going! This way I will be accountable to you guys, and I’ll have a much better chance of succeeding!

I still have about three weeks before I am finally free of exams, so I can’t start until then, but I wanted to introduce myself and get this site all set up so that I am ready to go the moment they say “pens down” in that final exam!

Wish me luck!

Frances xx

P.s. If you have any interesting activity ideas let me know!

P.p.s. I do not own the image featured above